BuiltechCS Turnkey Modular

Edge Data Center (EDC):

The importance of modular data centers has grown exponentially with the market shift to the Edge. Multi-site deployment of modular data centers to the Edge requires sophisticated management to marshal the planning, entitlement, engineering, development, permitting and contracting of the site and infrastructure. BTM’s Program Management Services handles all aspects of Edge Data Center (EDC) deployments, from design to commissioning and monitoring, which alleviates the burden to the EDC company’s bottom line.

EDC Services:

  1. Site Evaluation/Feasibility
  2. Design/Engineering/Planning
  3. Entitlements
  4. Permitting
  5. Land Development
  6. General Contracting
  7. EDC Installation
  8. Commissioning
  9. Monitoring
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Micro-Suite Data Center (MDC):

Businesses that need data center space often find that moving to Colocation or expanding within their existing real estate is not viable.  Micro-suite Data Centers are often a preferable solution. There are  innumerable MDC options ranging from containerized, modular, mobile, etc.  Technology professionals  often find it awkward and overly burdensome to navigate through the multitude of products available on the market..  Researching and contacting MDC vendors, one by one, is terribly inefficient. 

Builtech Turnkey Modular (BTM) Mobile Datacenter services eliminates the inefficiency in researching and evaluating solutions.  BTM works directly with your team to identify needs and then pairs your needs with the industry’s best product manufacturers and service providers.  Solutions are architected and options are provided, including performance, timing and comprehensive costs comparisons, to ensure the optimal solutions are presented to your teams.

MDC Services:

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Product Evaluation
  3.   Solutions Development
  4.   Solutions Evaluation
  5. Turnkey Solutions Delivery Including:
    • MDC Configuration and Procurement
    • Site Evaluation/Feasibility
    • Design/Engineering
    • Permitting
    • Land Development
    • General Contracting
    • EDC Installation
    • Commissioning